Turkish ibrik coffee pots - for your favourite coffee

Turkish ibrik coffee pots

What is it

Ibriks are the traditional stove top pot used to brew Turkish / Armenian / Greek coffee.

The coffee liquor produced is intense in flavour and should only be drunk in very small volumes.

The ibrik is a very simple pot, rather unusual in shape with a narrower top than base, for stove top coffee making in the Turkish / Armenian / Greek style.

This means that as the coffee progress through its brewing period, typically about 5-9 minutes duration, it often resembles a volcano ready to explode with furious lava like discharge.

Of course, if you follow the instruction below, you will never reach the point of boiling over.

Turkish ibrik coffee pots

These pots are commonly made of aluminium, which is more often than not said to be injurious to good health in use.

Another material that is often used is copper, but as this can be poisonous, it has to be tinned on the inside.

The process is not a difficult one, but quality control does seem a little more than variable which brings us to our choice, stainless steel.

A "clean" material as far as health issues are concerned, it neither adds to nor subtracts from the flavour of the coffee brewed within it.

It is easily pressed into shape, albeit not as waisted in appearance as the other pots mentioned, which are of softer metals.

Our stainless steel pots are available in a variety of sizes ...

  1. Small / 3 cup-ish / 200ml
  2. Medium / 5 cup-ish / 300 ml
  3. Large / 7 cup -ish / 500 ml

You will be using a very fine pulverised coffee grind, which allied with the added sugar and slow infusion will thicken to give quite a dense, almost mud like appearance to the mixture.

Don't be put off by this as the coffee sediment soon settles in the bottom of the cup once poured, allowing you to enjoy the brew.

Just follow the simple instructions below.

  1. First, choose a suitable size of ibrik coffee pot for the number of cups of coffee that you wish to make.
  2. Using a large teaspoon, take one rounded spoon of pulverize ground coffee per cup and put it in the ibrik.
  3. Add the same amount of sugar per cup to the ground coffee in the ibrik.
  4. Pour into the pot the appropriate number of cups of freshly drawn water.
  5. Place the ibrik on to your stovetop.
  6. Select a very low heat setting and let the mixture heat in the pot.
  7. Stir at regular intervals without allowing it to boil.
  8. After two to three stirring breaks, let the coffee rise slowly, once again without boiling, in the ibrik.
  9. Pour and enjoy.
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