Accessories - for your favourite beverage

We have numerous types of accessories for tea, coffee and for herbal infusions.

Lets then explore what is in store (pardon the pun) for you ...

Coffee grinders

Coffee grinders can be broadly divided into two categories ... manual and electrically operated.

In the former, all models are adjustable for coarseness of grind by a simple peg and screw wheel mechanism.

The latter category, there are both non-adjustable (less expensive) as well as adjustable (more expensive) models available.

Although we stock all of the above, our recommendation and preference is for the adjustable electrical models as they are far easier to use and offer a consistent coarseness of grind.

electric non adjustable coffee grinders manual coffee grinders electric adjustable coffee grinders

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Milk frothers fall into two categories, i.e. manual and electric.

The former is a simple manual pump, the latter usually has one or two curved discs, which are rotated by a battery powered motor.

Both are efficient systems. Our recommendation and preference is for the manual model as it is so very simple and easy to use.

Manual milk forther

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The gas ring enlarger is one of the most useful accessories we sell; regrettably, it rarely gets the recognition it deserves.

Let us face it if you have a narrow base pot such as one of the smaller espresso pots or ibriks, the Turkish coffee pots, you are in a bit of a predicament.

You simply cannot get these to sit on a stovetop without it falling through the crossbars.

The solution is obvious, spend a few pounds and use your pot safely.

After all, who in their right mind would want boiling water spilling all over them?

Gas ring enlarger

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Do you hate seeing a drip trail from your cup to the waste bin?

Do you hate wasting the un-extracted tea colour and flavour from your tea bag?

Use a tea bag squeezer and that will be a thing of the past as you will have extracted every drop of flavour and liquor from the bag.

Tea bag squeezer

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Tea strainers are a must when using loose leaf tea, especially the smaller leaf varieties.

The tea strainers we offer are all stainless steel and being of a winged design, they quite conveniently sit across the cup.

A drip tray is also supplied to save any unpleasant mess.

Tea strainer

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To get a consistently good brew from your favoutite loose leaf tea, it is important to always measure the quantity of tea used.

These silver plated measuring spoons offer a traditional and most civilized way of doing just that.

Tea caddy spoon

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