Espresso cappuccino machines - for your favourite coffee

Espresso coffee machines are designed to give you a very small volume of extremely intense flavoured coffee.

Nowadays, espresso machines are quite commonplace with numerous manufacturers jumping on the band wagon due to the growing popularity of "coffee culture".

However, as espresso coffee has traditionally been enjoyed in Italy, Spain and Portugal, only manufacturers from these countries are expert in the production of the very best machines.

There is one notable exception, let me explain ...

Gaggia, the originators of espresso / cappuccino coffee machines and La Pavoni, both Italian, have in recent years been joined by Jura, Swiss – Italian sector.

Jura offers an even wider range of equipment of infinitely superior qualify to the former two and with typical Swiss manufacturing quality and attention after sales service, easily outshines them!

As to the advantages machines have over stove top pots, well, the former offers a better and more even pressure to obtain the best crème, the thick creamy looking head of froth on the top of your espresso.

Remember that only a maximum of two cups can be made from each loading of the coffee basket.

This makes these machines ideal for personal use or for entertaining a few guests at an intimate gathering, but perhaps a little fiddly for large dinner parties.

Finally, although one should not really be so materialistic, it is also a great status symbol to show off in your kitchen.

What can one say, other than Jura are Swiss manufactured espresso machines.

Naturally, be it cuckoo clocks, trains or banking services, all Swiss products work superbly offering years of unfaltering service with fantastic ease of use, crisp, accurate and smooth operation.

These pump operated automatic and bean to cup espresso machines are no exception to the rule.

We cannot fault any single model and can therefore recommend the entire range.

  1. C5
  2. C9 one touch
  3. ENA3
  4. ENA5
  5. J7
  6. J9
  7. S9 one touch
  8. Z7
Jura Impressa ENA5 pump operated espresso machine Jura Impressa S9 one touch pump operated espresso machine

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