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What is it

Plunger coffee makers are a simple way of producing a fair volume of coffee of full and mellow flavour with ease.

These pots are often called a cafetiere, meaning coffee maker. The manufacturer La Cafetiere, whose excellent products we stock, has obviously adopted this as a brand name.

Sometimes, this method of brewing coffee is also termed as the French Press, which is a more descriptive name used by the manufacturer Bodum.

We, along with quite a number of other folk, prefer to call them plunger coffee makers as it is the most descriptive name of all.

There are numerous types and finishes of these plunger coffee makers available, which can be broadly split into two categories i.e. metal or plastic framed.

Metal framed models are available in chrome, gold and even stainless steel versions of varying quality finish and designs.

Stainless steel ranges, even boast one which is double wall insulated, making it ideal for use on boats / yachts as a example as unlike the glass liner versions, these are near indestructible.

The plastic framed ones come in a wide range of colours, some downright outrageous; with many of the frames being in quite fancy and intricately designed.

Irrespective of which you go for, a plunger's method of operation is identical and indeed, simplicity itself.

La Cafetiere Thermique insulated plunger French press La Cafetiere plunger French press

3 cup / 0.35l

4 cup / 0.65l

6 cup / 0.85l

8 cup / 1.0l

12 cup / 1.5l

It has to be said that not all the sizes are available in every model, but I am sure you will agree it still offers you a very wide choice.

One of the advantages of this method of brewing is that almost every part of this system is replaceable,

So if you need to replace any of the following, just order it ...

  1. The glass jug.
  2. The lid.
  3. The rod aassembly.
  4. The spiral plate.
  5. The mesh.
  6. The cross plate.

That said, not every part for every model or make is available and some may only be so as part of a kit.

However it is a far more versatile system than some others which force you to throw away at the first sign of calamity.

La Cafetiere replacement plunger mesh spare part La Cafetiere replacement glass jug spare part La Cafetiere replacement spiral plate, mesh, cross plate repair kit spare part

  1. Remove the plunger assembly form the pot.
  2. Warm the pot for about 5 minutes with hot water.
  3. Discard the water.
  4. Place approximately 7g of medium ground coffee per cup in the pot.
  5. Add the appropriate number of cups of hot water, just off the boil.
  6. Stir and replace the plunger without pushing it down.
  7. Allow about 5 minutes of brewing time, then slowly depress the plunger.
  8. Leave for a further 30 seconds so any residual sediment may settle.
  9. Pour and enjoy.
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