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Brewing Equipment

Online Catalogue |  Brewing Equipment

The highest quality espresso machines from Jura Impressa.

The highest quality aluminium and stainless steel stove top espresso pots from Andora Espress and Bialetti.

The highest quality plunger French press coffee makers by La Cafetiere, with stainless steel, gold plated steel or fashion coloured plastic frames.

The highest quality British earthenware teapots, complemented by glass and stainless steel teapots with infusers from La Cafetiere.

The highest quality single cup infusers, mesh tong for day to day convenience, teahouse and teapot novelty infusers for added fun to functionality.

The highest quality stainless steel pots for Turkish / Greek and Armenian coffee.

Highest quality vacuum method tabletop coffee makers by Cona.

Online Catalogue |  Brewing Equipment

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